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Fanola 16x20''
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Marvins 16x20''
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Hope Home 2
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Alexandra 18x24''
Hope Home 1

I am a senior at NNU, majoring in Studio Art. Creating art is one of the most rewarding things in my life. I especially enjoy drawing and painting realistic portraits.

I am constantly expanding my portfolio, and if you want to be a part of the journey, follow me on social media and feel free to email me at I would love to connect with you!

- Ben Atkin

My paintings represent a group of orphans and caregivers from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with whom I had the privilege of serving and spending time for two weeks last summer. While I was there, I was inspired to create paintings of the children which tell a part of their individual stories. The paintings will be up for silent auction on April 26th from 4-6pm with proceeds going directly to help fund a sustainable sewage system for the orphanage.

There are two sides to the orphanage and the children belong to one or the other: Rainbow of Love and Hope Home. The children in Rainbow of Love are orphans waiting for adoption. The children who are in Hope Home have disabilities and need extra care. I have distinguished the Rainbow of Love children’s portraits with a background of stripes and the Hope Home children with a single color gradient background. I used oil paint on canvas to capture the orphans’ faces with a bright and vibrant color palette of Haiti. While Port-au-Prince has many grey walls, there is a wonderful amount of color reflected in the life and people I encountered. I have done my best to portray the orphans in a good light, while remaining honest about the reality in which they live. I ultimately hope that this project will make a difference in the lives of those whom I have painted, and instill a spirit of love in those who view it.

-Ben Atkin

If you are looking to order a Haiti print or would like to inquire about a commission, send me an email at

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  • Size (e.g. 5x7”, 8x10”, 11x14”, 16x20”, etc.)

When I recieve your email I will reply with a quote and time frame. Prints usually run around $40 for a 12x16” size.

I look forward to getting in touch with you and am excited to see your ideas!

NNU Veteran Mural - 9/27/15
Thank you Ben Atkin! Ben is a student at Northwest Nazarene University. A very phenomenal artist, he spent his entire summer painting this mural using oil and canvas. This mural consists of three canvas pieces, each one over 5 feet tall. The mural tells the story of a service members transition from the military to college and beyond. Ben and his Father Don Atkin transported this mural all they way from Wenatchee, Washington to Nampa, Idaho and mounted it in Veterans Services at NNU today. Ben did this free of charge, in honor of all servicemen and women, past - present - and future. Thank you Ben Atkin-We salute you!!!  ~Bobby Sanchez

Tapas & Jenny - 9/19/15
Ben drew our engagement portrait and painted the tree for our wedding thumbprint guestbook. After watching the time lapse video of him drawing our portrait, we could tell how amazing and talented he is!! He captured even the smallest details of my dress which was very impressive! Our family and friends were also impressed by his skills and attention to detail! We cannot wait to put both of these amazing pieces in our new place!  Jennifer Gandhi

Lucy - 9/19/15
Ben Atkin is an amazing artist! I was fortunate enough to work with his mother who recommended her son for some art work. When Ben showed me the finished product, I was blown away by how realistic it was. The picture captured Lucy's (our dog) personality to a T. If you are looking for a fantastic piece of art, I would highly recommend checking out Ben Atkin's work.  Kate Avila

Semi Painting - 9/19/15
I approached Ben about doing a piece of art that I needed done in just a few days; he took on the challenge. After receiving the piece two days later, I was beyond impressed of how well it came out. I have since told many friends about Ben’s talent and look forward to having him do more work for me.  Brendon Fries